Founded in 2002 by Lynn Rogers Microbial Matrix Systems Inc. is headquartered in Albany, Oregon. MMS is devoted to providing new methods to analyze nutrient cycling or mineralization in soil and organic amendments.

We have a team of agronomists and industry specialists with years of experience in grass seed, orchard production, row crop and dairy and poultry industry.

Dave Nofziger
over 30+ years in grass seed and logistics.
Cell: 541-979-9622

Julie Detering
CCA and PCA Agronomist for over 30+ yrs row crops and grass seed.
Cell: 541-968-4107

James Knox
Greenhouse Production and row crops.
Cell: 541-961-0016

Lynn Rogers
Over 20 yrs crop and soil sciences. Blueberries, cane-berries, Orchards, Nut Trees.

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