Improving Agriculture through Biology

Microbiology expertise coupled with expertise in soil science.

Feed your soils and your soils will feed your plant roots

Strong analytical services

Our focus is in both direct (microscopic) and indirect (enzymatic) methods.

Agriculture is all about time...

and time is money!

MMS is a company that works with growers of all types of agricultural crops to increase plant health and yields by improving the soil biology.

The Basics Your crops are all attached to the Soil. So the foundation of a healthy crop and a good yield is a healthy soil. Soil Health is: Soil Structure (tilthe), Soil Chemistry (NPK), and Soil Biology. Soil Consists of: Solid particles - clay, sand, silt, organic matter, Water and Air in soil pores, Biology or living organisms such as bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes, earthworms.

These microbes help bring plant nutrients into available form. They convert your Urea into Nitrate and create a savings account of nutrients for future plant uptake.

"If you feed it; it will grow"

So feed your soils and in turn your soils will feed your plants and crop.