About Us

Founded in 2002, Microbial Matrix Systems Inc. (MMS) is a closely held corporation headquartered in Tangent, Oregon. Lynn Rogers is the MMS’ President and Chief Scientist, bringing to the company her vision for providing new methods to analyze the maturity and viability of compost and compost tea, as well as the fertility of grower’s soil.

Company Highlights

  • Strong foundation in microbiology coupled with expertise in soil science.
  • Microbiology veterans possessing the expertise and a track record of success in soil microbiology. MMS’ founders have been actively involved in the discovery and development of soil, compost and compost tea technologies for 10 years.
  • Strong analytical services focus in both direct (microscopic) and indirect (enzymatic) methods. More specifically, we have concentrated on enzyme analyses that more accurately depict the potential or potent biological activity.
  • Intellectual property position in potential microbial applications, and application technologies. MMS’ early focus on enzymatic assays has serves as the foundation of our patent portfolio.
  • Product candidates. MMS has a growing pipeline of potential products that we expect to develop on our own or in collaboration with partners.

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