Test Services

Microscopic Analysis

Test Cost
Active Bacteria Tea $25
Active Bacteria Compost and Soil $25
Total Bacteria Tea $30
Total Bacteria Compost and Soil $30
Active Fungi Tea $25
Active Fungi Compost and Soil $25
Total Fungi Tea $30
Total Fungi Compost and Soil $30
Protozoa (Tea, Compost, Soil) $60
Nematodes (Tea, Compost, Soil) $70
Root—Mycorrhizal Analysis $60
E-Coli and Total Coliforms $70

Functional Group Analysis

Test Call for Quote
Sporeformers X
Total Pseudomonads X
Fluorescent Pseudomonads X
Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria X
Chitin Degrading Bacteria X
Cellulose Degrading Bacteria X
Phosphorous Solubilizers X
Compost Tea Chemical Analysis X
Soil and Compost Chemical Analysis X
Chemical Tissue (Leaf) Analysis X

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